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Our mission statement is important to the work we do at United Strikers because it literally changes the way we do business. We help our clients transform their self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth empowering young girls to preserve through the sport of soccer.


Through the challenges and competitiveness of the sport and the real-life mentorship by fellow pro athletes, United Strikers is here to change the game by instilling these principles of empowerment and character development. 



Through our personal experience and years of coaching youth soccer we have found most sports programs focus only on the physical aspect of the sport and for only a short term. Only a tiny fraction of school aged athletes will play at an elite level. However, all these young athletes will carry with them ideals and principles they have developed at a young age through adulthood. Through Soccer we aim to give young women the opportunity to pursue their dreams and passions. The mission of United Strikers Empowerment Academy is to pass these principles of empowerment, confidence & perseverance to young developing players through the competitiveness of the sport and the real-life teachings of fellow pro athletes. United Strikers EA is here to change the game by bringing the professional standards from the UK to the Woman’s player base while instilling these principles of empowerment. Women will become empowered and will change the sport! 


We envision Women's sports in America evolving into an environment that all girls feel confident and powerful in. American sports and world sports have already begun changing to be more inclusive to women and provide athletic careers for women. However, the world needs a push and United Strikers EA is here to be that push. We will give young women the skills, tools, and mindset to take the world by storm. Not only will our athletes gain a competitive edge, but also, they will develop the mindset of the leaders of tomorrow. Girls will be exposed to top class talent in soccer as well as being empowered to powerful and confident women in sports and business. The girls need to learn from the get-go that the world is theirs and the only voice they need to listen to is themselves. The girls who come through our doors will develop into dominant leaders on and off the pitch. We understand the importance of focusing on the development of self-esteem among children, particularly girls, at school age. And that school age-level programs can make a difference for body image development. We believe our soccer programs provide a positive environment which can help offset a young girl's exposure to mass media and social media sites which continue to negatively affect young girls body image and self-worth.

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