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United Strikers Football Academy

United Strikers Football Academy is our Football (soccer) focused division on both girls and boys development. Here we recruit top class talent to coach Football Clubs and lead 1 to 1 training sessions. USFA also runs group sessions both at private residential homes and in virtual formats. The USFA club has an assortment of fun and competitive age group teams and classes for both boys and girls. The focus of every USFA program is to bring the high-quality standards from the UK to a coachable format aim to build up players both mentally and physically, investing time into character development on and off the field. 

United Strikers Empowerment Academy

Our unique United Strikers Empowerment Academy is our female focused division. Here we take young women and give them the assets to develop a powerful mindset and high-level football skills. We offer the opportunity to interact and learn from empowered pro female athletes from local teams and around the world. Our players and other interested individuals will be able to subscribe to our podcast, where we interview and talk about mindset development and the life of professional female athletes, sharing their personal stories on how they made it into the WSL, NWSL and National Team level. The podcasts focus on women overcoming adversities, learning from their struggles, persevering through all odds, and finding success in different aspects of their lives on and off the field. We will offer a variety of on the pitch training sessions for girl only teams to give them the winning edge. Our “classrooms” (in person and virtual) are full of learning opportunities for girls to work on developing a successful mindset and interview empowered women in business, who come for talks as well as female professional soccer players. Girls will learn from the best to become the best versions of themselves.

United strikers Empowerment Academy


I remember I was playing Football out on the street and Natalie approached me, asking if I played Football on a team. Then Natalie told me how she was playing with Newcastle United Women at the time and how she wanted to do coaching in America. Natalie also told me to keep playing Football and to never give up and to keep working hard! We would practice together and she would always give me coaching points and work with me 1-1. Now Natalie still to this day supports me and is helping me gain a scholarship and spot on a team to come and play over in America 2023


Natalie brought a positive attitude to the field and always found
a way to bring out the best children. Natalie is one of those rare
people that can get others to believe in themselves, not only in soccer, but in everyday life. There are no words that can convey how thankful I am that she has played such an important role in my children’s lives.

United Strikers FA

Tara S.

Natalie’s exemplary background and understanding of the sport, she instilled a skill set in my son, along with others to advance the team from a losing record to a winning record at the close of the 2020 season. It was no easy task to coach during a global pandemic with a team of players, who needed to be harnessed and equipped with the appropriate skillset to succeed. Natalie worked tirelessly at every training session and instilled the confidence in the boys that they could be “winners”.

April Schramm.

Natalie Really left a lasting
impression. She was my son’s favorite coach, and with good reason. She was not only excellent with the children, she also made connections with the parents, which I have not seen with other trainers. I love that she was warm and welcoming, with her fantastic personality and spark, and she made us not only feel like a close team, but like a family. I always told Jason that she will be like the one teacher in school that you will never forget.

Lucy S.

Kimberly B.

Dave & Lisa. 

"We are so glad our paths crossed. We will be forever grateful. You've helped our 2 girls become more confident; you've really cracked their shells. Both our girls have more self-confidence and you've really developed them as soccer players. They have made more friends and have learned to speak their minds. Thank you, Natalie,"

Michael Leeuwen.

"For the past five years Natalie not only inspired the girls to play soccer but to work hard both on and off the field.  Natalie was always professional, punctual, and went above and beyond. often coming to games in her free time to watch the team.  She has always been such an inspiration and a positive influence on our team as well as all the teams in Metuchen".

Danielle Barbero.

"Natalie is truly a diamond in the rough in the trainer/coaching world. If more coaches could be like her kids would succeed even more. She has great relationships with the kids and parents. 
She has become a part of our family and we are truly honored by her presence".

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